Creepy Mannequins
Uploaded by erowitch93 on 24/01/2017
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Creepy Mannequins tagged in creepy,wtf
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What's up with that guy's hair?

Someone took a wrong turn into nopetown

Where is this and what is the context of this image?

*Turns 360 degrees and walks away*

Yeah no. Just no.

Do they move when you blink?

Don't worry, they're armless.

“What's up with that guy's hair?”

I don't think bad hair is the problem here.

When you arrive at the toga party and everyone is already legless.


I don't see what's so creepy about this image. It's just a bunch of mannequins - or am I missing something?

Why has the guy in the middle got an electrical plug? I'd like to know why these things would need power.
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