Well shit.
Uploaded by guantobear on 04/03/2017
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Well shit. - house,fire,collapse,cliff tagged in wtf,random
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Wow, ever had one of those days?

How does this even happen?

“Wow, ever had one of those days?”

No, I can't say I have.

What's the story behind this?

Quick, pour a cup of water on it.

Yeah someone is fighting a losing battle right there.

Why would anyone build a house so close to the edge of a cliff like that?

So which came first, the fire or the cliff collapse?

Well that's gonna ruin someone's day.

haha oh wow

Yeah, someone call the fire service. That'll do it.

What you see here, is a failure of planning.

Stupidity expressed in one picture.

Who would even build a house on the edge of a cliff lmao
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