Laser dicing silicon wafer | in San Jose
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laser dicing silicon wafer
femto laser company us
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Laser dicing silicon wafer | in San Jose tagged in Laser dicing silicon wafer,  femto laser company us,
Laserod Incorporated was established by Rod Waters in the mid 1990s, succeeding Florod, an organization built up by Waters and an accomplice during the 1970s. Waters started his vocation in the laser business during the 1960s working for the Korad Division of Union Carbide. In mid-2011, the benefits of Laserod Inc. were obtained by a successor company, Laserod Technologies LLC, headed by David Adams, Jr. (President/CEO) and Charles Moffitt (Chairman), speculators with numerous long stretches of understanding as budgetary and working officials. Laserod considers as a real part of its clients such Fortune 500 organizations as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, IBM, Lockheed, Mitsui, Raytheon, Rockwell Scientific, Teledyne, Tyco and others. Laserod's college customers, about 100 in number, have included Stanford, UCLA, Caltech, MIT and Brown University. Laserod is committed to giving uncommon micromachining administrations to an assortment of businesses including miniaturized scale hardware, aviation, restorative, sun powered cell, transducer sensor, touchscreen fabricators, and others. Laserod's claims to fame are penetrating and cutting slender materials, little gap boring, resizing/coring silicon wafers, cutting cross breed resistor circuits, cutting clay substrates, and circuit designing on showcases, for example, ITO on glass and PET. The Laserod line of laser machines is ensured to deliver a similar accuracy results as Laserod's Production Division. Prior to acquiring a laser framework, Laserod designing work force exhibit how the gear will perform on a customer's materials by delivering test tests to the client's determination. Laserod ensures that the laser machines delivered by Laserod will create a similar accuracy results as our laser occupation shop. We specially work on the following aspects laser dicing silicon wafer, femto laser, femto laser cutting, laser dicing system, laser dicing silicon, laser drilling machine,
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